Perkin to BASF


A history in sound of the man to first synthesize a colour.


Five BASF cassettes, three Minutes each.


Below are five recordings, captured on magnetic tape (produced by BASF), documenting Perkins life. The recordings are made at his probable place of birth, place of tertiary education, site of first factory, the original pub where he used to eat lunch and his final place of rest, a church burial ground next to a construction site in West London

Probable Place of Birth:

St. Andrews Hospital, Suburry Hill, West London

probable place of birth.mp3


Site of Tertiary Education

Imperial Collage of London, Blackfriars, Central London

site of tertiary education.mp3

Site of First Factory

Now partially bread ditribution centre for West London, Greenford Green, West London

site of first factory.mp3

Site of local luncheon house

The Black Horse Pub, Greenford Green, West London

site of local luncheon house.mp3

Final Place of Rest

Christ Church, Roxeth Hill, West London

final place of rest.mp3