'spade scrapes 1 - 6'
Visitations of 6 buildings
W. Riphahn, city architect, Cologne


A common shovel used for digging holes or the moving of earth is run across the street surface outside each of the buildings present, 6 in total. When possible the spade is pushed face down and driven in front of the person, held hard against the street so-as to grind the surface. When this prohibits motion the spade is either turned over or dragged behind the person. A chalk line marks each path across the given terrain.

installation view: spades which were scraped

Spade Scrape 3

Spade Scrape 3 : wood

Spade Scrape 1

installation view: spades which were scraped

Spade-Scrape 1


Büro- und Geschäftshaus Indanthren
Breite Straße, Köln
1938 – 1939, Modell (Maßstab 1:100)

Spade-Scrape 2


Seidlung Weiße Stadt
Mehrhamilienhaus mit Ladenbau
Cusanusstraße, Köln-Kalkerfeld
1929, Modell (Maßstab 1:100)

Spade-Scrape 3


Haus Josef Haubrich
Kämpchensweg, Köln-Müngersdorf
1951, Modell (Maßstab 1:100)

Spade-Scrape 4


Blauer Hof
Wohnhofanlage, Köln-Kalkerfeld
1926 – 1927, Modell (Maßstab 1:500)

Spade-Scrape 5


Seidlung Weiße Stadt
1928 – 1932, Modell (Maßstab 1:500)

Spade-Scrape 6


French Institute
Köln- Central
Modell (Maßstab 1:100)

Photographer Marianne Vierø and Michael Strasseburger