Door and Milk Permutations
Luettgenmeijer, Berlin


This series of works explores the formal characteristics of two objects whose subjective content is purposely trivialised through a focus on pure craft. traditional media are utilised to process life-events through a mish-mash of traits. The physical elements of each object are combined across a range of media, of which each brings its own formal rules and constraints to the process of depiction. This is similar to a musical technique employed in the album Conditions for a Piece of Music by Norwegian band Ultralyd: individual tracks are constructed from a pool of musical properties, each track being a permutation of one original set (this is commonly referred to as “theme and variations” in music).

The subjects Door and Milk are approached — with the melancholy of the album in mind — as both muses and elements ripe for new permutation:


Door: the closet door of an old lover’s bedroom. During many sleepless nights, the door became something to stare at, an object of both meditation and despair. a reconstruction of this object is included in the show.


Milk: a chalkboard for notating the distribution of milk products amongst nurses. originating from a hospital in The Netherlands in around 1960, the board carries a heavy patina, which stakes its claim to its status as a serious artefact. It comes from a time when dairy was thought to be essential in all areas of health and was administered with vigor.

'Door and Milk Floor Sculpture II', 2012
tiles, wood, grout, paint 7 × 59 × 28 cm

'Door and Milk Oil on Canvas', 2012
oil on canvas 80 × 60 × 4 cm

'Door and Milk Wood Carving', 2012
walnut wood 28 × 30 × 3 cm

'Milk', date unknown
chalkboard 111 × 75 × 6 cm

'Door and Milk Door Knobs', 2012
vitrine, steel, various door knobs, paint 44 × 60 × 37 cm

'Door and Milk Permutations', installation view, 2012

'Door and Milk Door Frames', detail, 2012
wood, paint 209 × 119 × 10 cm

'Doors', 2012
wood, steel, paint, stickers 200 × 140 × 30 cm

'Door Assemblage', 2012
wood, paint 56 × 110 × 4 cm

'Door and Milk Mosaic', 2012
stones, wood, grout 29 × 25 × 2 cm

'Door and Milk Floor Sculpture I', 2012
tiles, bricks, door knobs 60 × 24 × 18 cm

'Door and Milk Erotic Photograph', 2012
photograph, frame 22 × 42 × 2

'Door', 2012
wood, bronze, paint dimensions variable

Kunst, berlin. sebastian schobbert, galerie, james beckett,

Installation view