- 'Rabbit to score' - living registration


Rabbit to Score is an action of translating the behaviour of a rabbit to the time, phrazing and spatialization of music, hence taking an old registration and re-creating an event. Many considerations are made in terms of translation, several systems of which were practiced. Initially the basis was quite rigid, all based on time -code and quite literal interpretation, after which we moved to a more loose and improvised series of recitals.

Three steps in the visual process: first the original as a light box, second the breaking down into a time code, and third a gestural generalization of the lines.

“Rabbit to Score” was first played in STEIM Amsterdam, as part of my lecture “Animals In Instruments”:


The N-Ensemble was:


Viljam Nybacka: Tabletop Bass Guitar
Koen Nutters: Double Bass
Morten J Olsen: Percussion
Dirk Bruinsma: Soprano Saxophone
James Beckett: Electronics

“Rabbit to Score” was then played as a “part 2” in Munzsalon in Berlin, as part of the exhibition “Living Registration”:


The N-Ensemble was:


Michael Schmid – flute
Carlos Galvez – bass clarinet
Anders Hana – guitar and electronics
Magda Mayas – piano
Koen Nutters – bass
Morten J. Olsen – percussion