"Liquid Assets":
In the Aftermath of the
Transformation of Capital


Luigi Fassi, Katerina Gregos and Steirischer Herbst, eds.
Texts by Luigi Fassi, Katerina Gregos and Christian Marazzi

The book accompanies the exhibition “Liquid Assets: In the Aftermath of the Transformation of Capital.” Aimed at exploring changes in the financial system, it presents a range of international artists engaged in investigating the shifting, viral nature of capitalism. Understanding the mechanics of capitalism today has become an increasingly complex task, since it has morphed into increasingly intangible and immaterial forms. The very notion of money has changed: from an operative aspect of the economy, into the justification for an increasingly speculative economy, where money is harnessed to produce more of itself. The project tries to shed light on the obscurity of finance, the current non-transparency of money, and the causes and practices that lie behind financial crises in this era. Ranging from time-based practices to sculptures and installations, the works on view in “Liquid Assets” foreground the dramatic changes that the entanglements of finance, speculation, and politics have been enacting on the social body, affecting both bios and anthropos, and simultaneously raising questions about the ethics of capitalism and current financial practices.